Nelayan Restaurant

Nelayan Restaurant
For no less than 25 years the Orient Express Group has owned and managed opulent hotels, trains, cruises and restaurants in some of the most enchanting locations on earth. It has assisted numerous five star hotels and resorts in reaching their prime, of which the two-decades-old Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort & Hotel is an excellent example.

Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort & Hotel – sister property of stunning Ubud Hanging Gardens – has unreservedly met the ever-increasing demand for its cottages. Its management team has added another level to standard of accommodation by introducing 22 lavish one and two-bedroom villas. Whilst the resort’s 42 charming chalets exude indulgence, the abundant space, flourishing gardens with swaying daybeds, and the Balinese village character of the brand new villas is beyond compare.

Home to two diverse beachfront restaurants, Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort & Hotels excellently caters to its guests. Whether they prefer Tunjung Restaurant’s Asian fusion cuisine, where well-defined Asian flavours are masterfully combined with international concoctions, or opt for Nelayan Restaurant’s outstanding French-Mediterranean specialties, quality and skilful artistry are guaranteed.

Sincere appreciation derives from more than picturesque landscapes and scenic sea views. If the preparation of food doesn’t merge with the surroundings’ intensity and distinction, it might easily be forgotten. Veteran Chef Lionel Auvray however, surpasses all expectations.

In 1969 – the Frenchman was barely 17 – Lionel Auvray’s noteworthy career kicked off on native soil when he attained apprenticeship at the renowned Parisian restaurant Le Taillevent, named after the most distinguished French chef of the Middle ages, Guillaume Tirel. The greatly respected Tirel, or Taillevent, worked in numerous royal kitchens during the 14th century. Ten years later, Auvray took a leap of faith by travelling abroad. He was quickly appointed by Le Meridien and stayed with the established company for 18 years. The thrill-seeking chef journeyed to countless cities and countries, such as Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok, Mauritius, Singapore and Burma, where his culinary genius developed and matured.

Auvray has undoubtedly lent a hand in the evolution of food preparation into an art form and, after five years at Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort & Hotel, he still dazzles his guests with exciting innovations, impeccable presentation and explosions of flavours, along with a witty friendliness.

Masterpieces such as the ‘Lobster Menu’ and an elaborate choice of fresh fish and seafood platters are astonishingly tasty. The seasoning is superb and combinations are highly inventive. Succulent meats, an eclectic assortment of appetizers and crunchy local vegetables are beautifully presented on warm plates coloured by creamy sauces.

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