Chinnamon Fresh

KayuManis Jimbaran
Cinnamon sticks – ‘kayu manis’ – are made from long pieces of bark, customarily from the cassia tree, that are rolled, pressed and then dried. The spice in its purest form is inherent to Sri Lanka while the sort that grows on the cassia tree is found in Vietnam, China, Central America, and Indonesia.

The sweet, woody fragrance of cinnamon has been popular since ancient times. Egyptians imported the spice from China in 2000 B.C. and the Romans considered it to be sacred. During the 15th and 16th centuries, finding cinnamon was an important motivation for world voyaging… Today, it symbolises the very foundation of the three Kayumanis private resorts in Bali.

The resorts are intensely appreciated by travellers as an exclusive world inspired by rural beauty. Uncontrived colours, spacious villas, romanticism, considerate staff members with a great sensitivity for detail and respect for the natural scenery are ubiquitous in each one of the properties. In addition to the luxurious yet demure resorts in Nusa Dua and Ubud, Kayumanis also welcomes guests in its estate in Jimbaran. The building of another resort in China is planned in the near future.

Perhaps the most sumptuous of them all, Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate is lavishly appointed with specially-themed villa interiors – due to the concept of building around the trees so that they would be preserved – each guest’s individual needs and preferences can be met. The unpretentious design, open living areas and quixotic atmosphere is complemented by the retreat’s idyllic location. Somewhat hidden amongst what seem to be endless rows of coconut tress, and in near proximity to dreamy Jimbaran Bay, Kayumanis Jimbaran Private Estate can rightfully be described as an enchanting haven, wonderfully different from any other.

The villas form a serene and private complex of 14 self-contained luxury gateways, each one given the Balinese name for an element of the coconut palm. Emphasising that tropical inspiration are the cinnamon based beauty products, delicious cinnamon cookies, tea and toast. Although very much a part of Bali’s lively fisherman town, the vacation homes are a calming niche, ideal for a relaxing break with a loved one. The fully equipped kitchen, dining and lounge area represent an integrated environment that typifies contemporary yet ever-bewitching Bali.

The master bedroom is bathed in the natural sunlight that filters through the chocolate-coloured blinds. The beautiful, spa-inspired bathroom in warm earthy tones, with floating bath tub, fashionably graces the exquisite retreat. Each villa merges flawlessly into a landscaped garden that encompasses a private swimming pool and lovely timber sundeck; perfect for entertaining or for soaking up the Bali sun.

Recognising that this incredible resort includes an in-house spa, the alluring Tapis Restaurant – presenting a flavourful discovery of Indonesian cuisine – excellent 24-hour butler service, and an overall royal hospitality, there is no better choice for honeymooners, lovers, of guests seeking a tranquil paradise.

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