The Song of Birds

Bird Song – Gending Kedis in Balinese language – is indeed one of the wonders of the natural world. It has brought merriment to humans for as long as history has been recorded and its alluring character continues to charm us more than ever. Although we are privileged to enjoy the species’ musicality, bird song is merely a means of communicating with other birds. We fortunately just happen to be around.

Appropriately chosen, Bird Song is the name of the soon to be completed Gending Kedis Luxury Villas & Spa Estate in Bali’s southern peninsula. The resort is an inspiring paradise for avid birdwatchers and its nineteen delightful one, two, three and four-bedroom villas – each named after a tropical bird, with large private swimming pool and second or third floor – match up to feather lined nests. Your private enclave along the island’s exclusive Golden Mile, Jimbaran Bay.

Gending Kedis Luxury Villas & Spa Estate’s individuality and distinctiveness stems from more than its naturally beautiful location on a forested ridge of land. The generosity in space and flowing design, handcrafted interiors and the use of the best of materials and fabrics are equally stunning. Hints of Java and Lombok authenticity, Chinese artwork, Indian silk curtains, oriental carpet, Egyptian stone carvings and clever colour schemes blend in flawlessly with the russet hardwood floors and Balinese ‘sirap’ roofs. In the bathrooms, glossy black and cream-coloured marble and mahogany wood utter magnificent splendour.

By the end of the next month guests at Gending Kedis Estate can plunge in the brand new carving curvy swimming pool, burn off calories in the high-tech facilitated gym, recharge at no less than two spas and a sauna, and rendezvous at Alcedo Restaurant & Bar.

Jimbaran Bay’s refuge for a romantic encounter, Alcedo Restaurant, is to be moved to the resort’s stylishly decorated assembly of facilities, which are currently still under construction and due to be completed at the end of June. ‘Alcedo’ is the Balinese name for River Kingfisher. The turquoise bird can be spotted gliding on the rising currents of unsullied air that surround the Gending Kedis Estate.

The purity of birdsong complements the integrity shown towards Balinese heritage in the restaurant’s kitchen. In addition to international and Asian delicacies, Alcedo’s native in-house chef stays true to his roots by preparing tasty Balinese feasts. Flavours so typical to the local cuisine are ubiquitous within his arty concoctions and complemented by colourful and enticing home-grown ingredients. Regional specialties such as ‘Lawar Kacang Panjan’, ‘Cram Cam’, ‘Ikan Bakar Sambal Matah’ and ‘Dadar Gulung Unti’ for dessert are boosted by the chef’s affability and obvious culinary passion. A most enjoyable treat to lovers of veracity!

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