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The warm, crystal clear, tropical waters surrounding Bali make it ideal for water sports. The coral reefs and variety of marine life in these waters makes it among the world’s best diving destinations. With more than 50 different charted diving sites, underwater adventurers can enjoy an endless sport diving or even a professional dive career in the waters surrounding and near Bali.

Diving is safe and enjoyable for the entire family. Children as young as 8-years-old can experience diving and from age 10 can certify as Junior Open Water Diver. Diving is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, at any age, while in good health. And, with Indonesia’s most highly ranked instructors at Scuba Duba Doo Dive Center and Scuba School in Bali, there’s no reason why not to enjoy-or learn to explore-these underwater wonders.

Indonesia hosts more coral varieties than any other place on earth and Bali has its share. Among the world’s most beautiful coral garden walls are on display at Menjangan Island, in the West Bali National Park, off the north shore. The historic USS Liberty shipwreck, also off the north coast, is a protected historic monument. Acting as an artificial reef, it attracts a wide variety of marine species and is rated among the world’s best and most accessible wreck dives. It is enjoyable for divers of all experience levels, and even snorkelers.

The waters surrounding and near Bali host migratory sea life, including giant mola mola, sunfish, and the occasional whale shark. These seas are home to all species of creatures including giant manta rays, giant clams, sea horses, moray eels, and reef sharks. Even a short and shallow shore dive will reveal a multitude of species to enthrall even the most jaded underwater adventurer. And due to Bali’s weather conditions, you can always find a spot for diving off Bali-365 days of the year.

Most dive destination holidays focus purely on diving. Day trips and dive safaris combining multiple dives over as many days have a district advantage in Bali. While there are sufficient varied dive locations and chartered-live-abroad dive safaris for even the keenest diver, the casual diver can enjoy interspersing top flight diving with other activities, including golfing on championship courses, world class spa therapies, unlimited shopping and spectacular culture, to mention only a few.

There’s no time like the present to dive or learn to dive. And there’s no reason to do it with anyone but the best. Scuba Duba Doo offers a full range of beginning, advanced and professional training classes, equipment rentals and retails a full range of the latest, state-of-the-art, imported diving gear at prices lower than the US or Europe.
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