Waterbom Bali

The ‘Waterbom’ brand first established in 1993 when Waterbom Bali opened its doors to the public. Waterbom has attracted lots of attention for its international quality from both tourists and locals alike. Waterbom Bali mirrors the tropical island of which it sits in; rich palm trees, fresh ocean breeze and gallons of H2O, it makes this destination ‘Tropical Cool’. There are endless possibilities to satisfy every soul as Waterbom Bali caters for all; little kids, big kids and old kids!

Due to the success of the brand it was inevitable that Waterbom opened its sister company in the capital city of Jakarta. Waterbom Jakarta officially opened in 2007 and since then it has matched its sibling company in offering high quality facilities in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With an “urban cool” theme, its signature landscape offers a truly relaxed atmosphere and its waterslides not only offer fun, but tons of thrills. The Waterbom brand now enjoys its reputable position as being one of the top in the industry for service, standard and entertainment.

Waterbom Bali makes your vacation come alive with its high energy rides, relaxing rides and its various activities, this gem a ‘must do’ while on the island. Don’t forget to try its signature slide: ‘Boomerang’, let this adrenaline pumping adventure be a surprise waiting for you! Waterbom Jakarta is famed for having the ‘Hairpin’ slide, whereby four people can enjoy the slide all at once! Twist and turn on your raft before plunging into the pool, beware of screams and smiles! To ensure that the experience in both Waterbom Bali and Jakarta differs from one another the facilities offered are unalike, however they both share the common goal of simply being the best.

Waterbom offers the advanced salt-chlorination system that is gentle for the skin in addition to being environmentally friendly. To ensure the safety of all guests, there are always professional lifeguards on duty who follow the ‘International Life Safety Guard Standard’ regulations. Both Waterbom’s have a doctor on standby all day, a superior security system for entire Park, a spacious parking area, and to simplify life, an online booking system, moreover both parks are easily accessible.

Being a dynamic brand the park caters for group functions with private area bookings and/or Waterbom can be exclusively rented out for the entire day(s)! The unique combination of thrilling water-slides and refreshing pools set amidst tropical gardens is perfect for a relaxing or action-packed day in the sun.

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